Government Anti-Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (2015)

Editors: Yahong Zhang and Cecilia Lavena

Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group

Abstract: As a political and social disease, public corruption costs governments and businesses around the world trillions of dollars every year. Government Anti-Corruption Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Perspective provides you with a better understanding of public corruption and governments’ anti-corruption practices. It collects case studies of anti-corruption efforts in several countries, including China, India, South Korea, Nepal, and Central and Eastern European countries. It focuses on developing and transitional countries, where the depth and effects of corruption are especially severe. The cases highlight examples of failure as well as success so that the complexity of corruption issues and the reasons why corruption persists can be better understood. Most of the contributors to each chapter are native to the countries under discussion and provide an insider’s view and analysis. 



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