The Rutgers Institute on Anti-Corruption Studies (RIACS)


The mission of RIACS is to conduct research on public corruption and devise ways to reduce it.

  • RIACS has established a global network of Associates. Utilizing their expertise on anti-corruption policies, these renowned researchers and practitioners will work collaboratively with Rutgers faculty to help achieve the mission.
  • RIACS will work internationally with government agencies, companies, and NGOs to seek ways to prevent and fight against public corruption.
  • RIACS will train graduate students to do research on corruption and will apply this research to real-world conditions.  

What We Offer

  • Provide resources useful for researchers, government officials, and students, who are interested in anti-corruption strategies
  • Publish working papers for RIACS associates
  • Collect cases of public corruption and create quantitative datasets
  • Host seminar series with Rutgers faculty and other institutions
  • Host international conferences
  • Supervise students and teach interdisciplinary courses based on our research and other empirical findings from the discipline

Work Areas

A work program is being developed, and will include some of the following topics:

  • Opportunity structure for corruption
  • Corruption in specific sector (for example, health, energy, environmental services, construction, justice system)
  • Corruption indicators
  • Theory about corruption behavior
  • Strengthening governance structures
  • Methods of combating bribery
  • Preventive measures and mechanisms
  • International co-operation in anti-corruption
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