Anti-Corruption Case Studies

This section provides some resources to case studies on anti-corruption practices.

United Nations Office on Drug and Crime

  • UNDOC (2006). Business Against Corruption Case Stories and Examples: Implementation of the 10th UN Global Compact Principle Against Corruption. UNDOC Report. Online

The World Bank

  • Investigating Corruption in Ukraine: A Case Study of Internet Journalist Georgy Gongadze. Online
  • Journalistic Legwork that Tumbled A President: A Case Study and Guide for Investigative Journalists.Online
  • Reducing Corruption: Lessons from Venezuela. Online
  • Freedonia: Investigative Journalism. Online
  • Public Expenditure Analysis and Management in the Republic of Kariba: A Case Study. Online

Innovations for Successful Societies, Princeton University  

Other Published Cases

  • Marquette, Heather and Alan Doig (2004). Drilling down to the Detail: A Case Study into Anti-Corruption Project Records and Record-Keeping. Crime, Law & Social Change 41: 1–14, 2004. Online
  • Bhargava, V. and Bolongaita, E. (2004) Challenging Corruption in Asia. Case Studies and A Framework for Action. Washington D.C.: The World Bank. Online.
  • David T. Johnson. Keeping Foreign Corruption outside the U.S. Four Case Studies. Online
  • UNGC Transparency and Anti-Corruption Case Studies. Online
  • Vicente C. Reyes, Jr. (2009). Corruption and Implementation: Case Studies in Philippine Public Administration. Online
  • John Pritchard. Case Studies on Actual Corruption Investigations. Independent Commission Against Corruption Sydney, Australia. Online
  • Odette Ramsingh and Kris Dobie. Case Study on South African National Anti-corruption Forum (SANAF). Online
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