Global Dialogues on Anti-Corruption Webinars

We are excited to launch the webinar series of Global Dialogues on Anti-Corruption to provide scholars, students, and practitioners from all over the world with cutting edge learning resources for free!

Corruption significantly deteriorates trust in governments, nonprofits and business. It also reduces investment, economic growth and development. Moreover, it contributes to the failure of governments to meet the needs of citizens. Recently many high-profile corruption scandals were publicized yet low-level corruption also makes the life of millions miserable every day every where in the world. Corruption is obviously one of the most crucial social problems of the 21st century that should be addressed through joint efforts of different stakeholders, scholars, experts and practitioners. 

The webinar series of Global Dialogues on Anti-Corruption is one of such efforts. The webinars will be organized on a monthly basis. Each webinar will last 50-60 minutes or so, with 25-30 minutes for presentation and 25-30 minutes for questions and answers. Globally distinguished scholars and experts will share their knowledge and expertise at the webinars based on their in-depth studies or extraordinary experience in anti-corruption. The webinars will also facilitate a multi-disciplinary and multi-national network of people working in the anti-corruption field who can exchange ideas and come together as opportunities arise to work collaboratively on projects.

We would cordially invite you to attend the Global Dialogues on Anti-Corruption webinars. If you are interested, please find schedule from the left-hand menu and register to get a free access to the upcoming webinar. 

If you are interested in presenting at one of the future webinars, please contact Professor Yahong Zhang by email at  Your support is much appreciated.

RIACS Webinar Committee:

Dr. Yahong Zhang, Associate Professor, Director of RIACS

Dr. Stephanie Newbold, Associate Professor

Dr. David Jancsics, Post-Doctoral Associate

School of Public Affairs and Administration

Rutgers University – Newark, New Jersey

United States of America



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